About Glowing Therapy

Exceptional Services

We offer a range of therapy services!

Fine Motor Skills

Handwriting, tying shoelaces, cutting skills etc

Gross motor skills

Throwing a ball, trunk and postural control, coordination development

School readiness development

Reading and writing, self-care tasks, attention and concentration

Assistive technology

Grab rails, assistive utensils, daily living solutions

Equipment and seating prescription

Seating and posture, wheelchair prescription, adaptive equipment

Carer education and training

Support worker education and manual handling

Providing Excellence

Where to from here?

Initial Referral

Complete our online referral form

Background Information

A therapist will contact you to gather background information

Initial Assessment

Assessing and recommending relevant services

Mapping your Journey

Tailored Plan

Personalised intervention action plan

Common questions asked

Frequently Asked Question!

How do I request services from Glowing Therapy?

Where will therapy services be conducted?

Glowing Therapy is predominately a mobile business. We conduct Occupational Therapy services in the safety and comfortable location to suit your needs. This could be at your home, school, workplace, or within the community.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to attend our service although we are happy to work with medical practitioners and other professionals to ensure the best holistic care possible.

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